M: Martian Sunset – How Far Would You Go to See It?


M  Mars One, a privately funded Dutch project, plans to send the first group of humans to the Planet Mars in the year 2023. Due to the physiological changes this trip would make to one’s body and the length of time it takes to get there, however, this will be a one-way trip.[1]

Right now you’re either asking yourself why anyone would leave their friends, family, and planet behind in the name of exploration…

…Or you’re asking yourself what you have to do to be on that spacecraft. And you wouldn’t be the only one! According to Time Magazine, as of May 2013, 78,000 people had already signed up to be considered for the mission.[2]

Why the fascination with space exploration and the Red Planet? Here’s my theory: what we have seen of the universe is so magnificent, so overwhelmingly beautiful, and such a testament to the power and majesty of an Almighty God, that we are thirsty for more.

If you’d like a small taste of the beauty and grandeur you might see after landing on Mars,  check out the Mars as Art Gallery, courtesy of NASA and the Mars Spacecraft:


So the question remains…would you make the trip to Mars?



[1] Mars One Project: www.mars-one.com

[2] Time Magazine: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/05/09/78000-people-apply-for-one-way-trip-to-mars/


Photo Credit:  An Actual Martian Sunset – Courtesy of NASA and the Mars Spacecraft



12 thoughts on “M: Martian Sunset – How Far Would You Go to See It?

  1. I agree with Anabel! NO!! I have anxiety just driving to an unknown place. Can’t imagine leaving earth for Mars and knowing I’d never come back! And I don’t believe they have Internet connections on mars yet, sooo…nope! Not going! 🙂


      1. I’d love to be weightless also, and to float through space, but I think I will wait until I earn my angel wings and can be in the safety of His Kingdom to do it! I have no spirit of adventure.


  2. Um, no. 🙂 I’d love to see pics of the trip, and I’d tune in to watch a documentary it, but no way would I leave everybody behind for a permanent adventure. {I’m sure you’re aware that this scenario would make a killer sci-fi novel 🙂 }


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