I: Icky Igloo – Why We Need Help Cleaning Life’s Grime

household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..

I  “Ick!” my coworker said, glancing at my plastic lunch box. “That thing is dirty!”

This really caught me by surprise. I glanced down at my trusty little Igloo lunch container, which I had used for years. It was covered with a layer of grime, since I had frequently cleaned the inside of the container but had failed to clean it on the outside.   I had become so accustomed to its appearance, however, that I honestly hadn’t noticed how filthy the thing had become!

This made me think about life, and the bad habits or poor thinking that we allow to creep into our daily pattern of living. We become so comfortable in our routine that we often can’t see the grime that is starting to build up all around us. Sometimes it takes a pair of fresh eyes to help us see what about ourselves may need a little “cleaning up”.

My wife is good at helping with this kind of thing, and the Lord is also standing by to help. Scripture says that we can look in a mirror and immediately forget what kind of person we are (James 1:24), and encourages us to constantly examine ourselves according to the standard of God’s Word. The Bible acts as a spiritual solvent, cutting through the grease of our distractions and revealing what about us needs work.

And no matter how filthy our hearts have become, Christ is able to cleanse us completely – leaving us as clean and pure as fresh-fallen snow (Isaiah 1:18).

Give yourself a second glance today – don’t be an “Icky Igloo”!

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