B: Battle Restoration – Review of Edsel’s “Monuments Men” – Part II

Monuments Men.jpg

B  Blitzkrieg – the word sent paralyzing fear throughout the nations as Hitler’s forces marched across the globe, ravaging and plundering each territory as they went. As the Allied forces began to gain the advantage, the German forces became even more aggressive, doing as much damage as they could before being forced out of the area.

Have you ever wondered who cleaned up the mess?

The Monuments Men, a historical account written in enthralling narrative, is Robert Edsel’s tribute to the men and women who did just that. His vivid descriptions of abandoned battlefields strewn with rifles, tanks, and bodies, will stun you.

And realizing just how close the world came to losing many of our greatest artistic achievements – from the Mona Lisa to the Chartres Cathedral – will chill you to the bone.

I held my breath as I read of the soldier who discovered that the Nazis had left the Chartres Cathedral – an 11th century church filled with priceless historic documents and medieval works of art – booby-trapped with German bombs. Instead of backing down, however, one of the Monuments Men put his life on the line to deactivate these bombs.

In his memoirs, he asked himself: is art worth dying for?

For him and his fellow Monuments Men, the answer was a resounding yes.

From a matronly French spy to a team of fine arts specialists – all of whom risked their lives to protect and restore the world’s greatest artistic monuments – these courageous men and women deserve the greatest honor we can give them: to be remembered.

This book is their monument.


Christian Reader Rating:  G   (If there are occasional examples of strong language, this is the exception and not the norm.  Overall, this is good, clean history and is suitable for all readers.)


6 thoughts on “B: Battle Restoration – Review of Edsel’s “Monuments Men” – Part II

  1. that sounds like a very interesting book to read, and thanks for the rating, I homeschool my children so it makes it easier which books I can hand over without thinking about it twice, and those who need a little guidance. Great post ,and happy A to Z Challenge!

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