Throwback Thursday: “An English Sonnet”

Embossed Clouds.jpg

I wrote the sonnet below while I was in 9th grade – years before the Lord called me to full-time ministry.  Now, a couple of decades later, it’s really neat to look back and see the way He was preparing me, even then, for the path He had set before me.


While I was young I used to love to dream,

Who knew what I would be when I was old?

Anything I wanted, I was told.

And so my mind would wander on this theme,

Now, though years have passed as a steady stream,

These same familiar dreams still have their hold.

I could study law, but could I be that bold?

Perhaps I’ll always wonder, so it seems.


But now I’ve learned God also has a plan,

In fact, He’s had His own plan from the start.

He has a certain job for every man,

He calls us all to play a special part,

And He will daily guide me with His hand

If I will simply trust Him with my heart.


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